you know what, terry?

I had a pretty good time tonight.

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"I feel sad because of whom I never was, and I don’t know with what kind of nostalgia I miss him."

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your blog is really great, but when you post things like Avengers it makes me disappointed that you're actually so mainstream...
asked by Anonymous

Okay, I don’t even know how to respond to this because it’s so ridiculous. Just because something is “mainstream” doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. I love movies for what they are, and not just because they’re “obscure” or “mainstream” or however else you’d like to classify them. Feel free to unfollow if you are “disappointed” by the contents of my blog.

I want to read Marvel Civil War but I don't know where to start. Help an anon out?
asked by Anonymous

Hello anon, apologies for taking so long to answer this!

IMO, the Civil War event was a complete mess, and it might be a little difficult hunting out individual issues, so a good place to start would definitely be a compilation.

Unfortunately, I can’t really offer any recommendations that don’t cater to my own bias - personally, I like reading dialogue more than I like seeing ~fights~ and/or ~battles~. I recently received Civil War: Iron Man as a gift - it’s commonly criticized for not having enough ~action~ but I think it’s a nice place to start if you’re okay with that. It fleshes out a pretty good background of the conflict / relationship between the core characters of the Civil War (Cap and Iron Man). The writing’s good, the art’s great, and it’s just overall really well done. Among the sloppy shitshow that was the Civil War event overall, these quieter, more introspective pieces are really wonderful.

Also, that book includes The Confession, which is one of my favorite pieces of comic ever written. It’s by Brian Michael Bendis, who consistently puts out amazing stuff. It’s so good… the last panel is already huge punch to the gut, but if you’ve read older comics (the first few issues of Avengers), a really huge reference is made, and the effect is so much stronger. Uhgggg. SO GOOD. SO MANY FEELINGS.

Hope that helps, and if not, you can send me a non-anon’d message and I can give you some more recs.

Who is your favorite film director(s)?
asked by Anonymous

Hiya anon, I don’t really have one director who’s my favorite, but at the moment, I’m going through a Fassbinder / Wong Kar Wai phase and have been watching a lot of their films.

Stout, Ansin, or Moss? >:D (Congrats on your Avengers Mondo, by the way.)
asked by Anonymous

l o l this better not be someone from EB.

But thank you! : D And Ansin and Moss both consistently produce incredible stuff, but I gotta give it to Stout. I die over prints from any of ‘em, though.

"Everytime" has been in my head ALL DAY and it's your fault



hi. i like you. (;
asked by hanoodle

Well, sucks, because I don’t like you.

I L O V E YOU. <3

WOW how the fuck did you get a Avengers Mondo poster... I was on the website literally a minute after they tweeted that it was on sale and they were already sold out FUCK YOU
asked by Anonymous

Wow hi, anon. If you’re only just going to the website when the tweet appears, then you’re already too late. Literally thousands of people are constantly F5’ing the shop page and if you wait for the on sale tweet, there’s hardly any chance you’ll score one. I am very aware of how crazy these poster drops are - I’ve been a Mondo / Alamo Drafthouse fan for years and I still miss out on so many really incredible screenprints (Drive, 20,000 Leagues, Kill Bill, etc.), so I understand and feel your pain. Send me a non-anon message and I can give you some tips on Mondo drops.

apparently it's Anon Love day, so here's some anon love for you! your Favorite Movies gifset series is fantastic.... such good movies and such great gifs. Can't wait for your next set!
asked by Anonymous

Awh, thank you so much! <3

do some avengers doodles, pretty please?
asked by Anonymous

:o I’ll hunt through my doodle books later and see if I can get my scanner to work.

i like your doodles :)

Oh haha, I haven’t updated my doodle blog in so long, but thank you!